Refund Policy

Because we print on demand for every order and do not "stock" any merchandise, all sales are final and we cannot grant a refund based on a "change of heart".  Occasionally, however,  there may be a need for a reprint or refund on an order due to damage or other forces.  Although we cannot grant all requests, we do our best to keep our customers happy.  Below you will find specific information on different scenarios that require special attention.


Shipping Damage

We have our own tubes and boxes specially made to exact specifications to provide extra rigidity and strength during the shipping process.  Unfortunately, we can not avoid all accidental damage.  If your package arrives damaged, please contact us immediately and we will reprint and reship within 24 hours.  You will need to hold onto your package and it's contents for possible inspection from UPS after we make a claim.  We may request a picture of the damage to add to our files.


Printing Anomalies

Because of many factors such as environmental humidity, paper humidity, current settings, paper variances, consumable characteristics it's impossible to have exactly consistent print results for every press run.  Therefore, we consider a 5% variance in color to be acceptable and cannot reprint based on these slight differences.

However, if there are printing defects with your poster, upon inspection we may grant a reprint.  Please note: a sample or photo of defective poster or print may be requested.